You’ve managed to narrow it down to a resort, a chalet company and you’ve got your flights and transfers booked, but what about the other ski holiday essentials? To avoid a last-minute stress, we have compiled a packing list. If you are a first-timer this might be particularly useful! (And check out our First Ski Trip? blog for other tips for first-timers)


Got your own skis/snowboard and boots? Awesome! Don’t forget to book on a ski bag with your flight or you’ll find yourself with a hefty charge at the airport.

Haven’t got these? We recommend Slide Candy for all your equipment hire needs in Meribel. Simply book online via If you are lucky enough to be staying in one of our chalets, we can give you a discount code – just ask us for the code. One of great things about these guys is that they’ll co-ordinate with your hosts to time their arrival at your chalet for just after you get there. Fitting is then done in the chalet boot room. This means that you won’t have to traipse through town heavily burdened. Result!


Ski jacket – For first timers it’s good to put some thought into this. There are some features that ski jackets have over normal winter coats which are there for very good reason! Lift pass pockets, snow-skirts, insulation and waterproof ratings are all things you will need to consider when choosing.

Salopettes – Fancy name for ski trousers, ideally with a high waterproof rating.

Thermals/fleeces/baselayers – Check the weather before you go, but it’s good to be prepared for the worst. Layering up is the best way to stay warm in the coldest of conditions.

Goggles – Great for skiing in bad weather. There are options for glasses-wearers too.

Sunglasses – For skiing on bluebird days and looking cool at après.

Helmet – You can hire these with the rest of your equipment if you don’t already have one.

Gloves – Not the nice knitted kind but something waterproof, otherwise you might find yourself with very wet hands! Mittens are generally warmer than gloves.

Neckwarmer – Scarves aren’t so practical.

Snow/ice-friendly footwear – Function over fashion when it comes to ski resort footwear. Walking boots or similar are great for around town – something with good grip should ensure you stay on your feet!

Things you might not have thought of

Sunscreen – Everyone enjoys laughing at the person with the burnt nose and horrendous goggle marks – don’t let it be you!

Hand cream and lip salve – There isn’t much moisture hanging around in the cold air and you’ll find that your hands and lips get much drier than normal.

Snacks – Local shops can be expensive and skiing burns calories!

Other clothes – If you go for a second round of après after your evening meal you might not want to put your salopettes back on. We recommend warm jumpers and a woolly hat.

Follow this guide and we hope you’ll have hassle free packing!

All we need now is powder and blue skies…


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